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STEM FOR TVET adopts the STEM curriculums for technical and vocational training and adapt it to the local context in Thailand to improve the vocational certificate (VC) education in the vocational institutes within TVET Hub. The project receives support from several government sectors, such as the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) and the Vocation Education Center (VEC) as well as private sectors to set up a committee to select a suitable STEM curriculum for vocational education in Thailand. The committee has selected the Active Physics curriculum that come with teaching aids, teacher training programs and academic consultancy, to enhance the instruction in vocational institutes. This curriculum has been developed by a team of experts in the United States and published by

It’s About Time.

In the Active Physics curriculum, there are also workshops for increasing the capacity of science teachers in the vocational institutes within the hub. The workshops are conducted by experts from the US, a master trainer network and specialists from various universities. As the project progresses, the hub is continuously strengthened. In addition, there are teaching mentors who provide suggestions and advice on project-based inquiry approach from the beginning until the end of the project.

The development of STEM curriculum for vocational education in Thailand also includes a selection of the Interactive Math curriculum that is internationally well recognized and adaptive in the classroom context in Thailand. Apart from workshops, math teachers in the vocational institutes within TVET Hub can access new instructional materials, attend trainings and ask for suggestions and advice from the academic mentors throughout the project.